Soloist Building

Building Protection Systems successfully complete Fire & Security Systems in new £20M Office Building, 1 Lanyon Place, Belfast for Pinsent Masons Solicitors

Main Building Features

  • 78,000 sq ft Total Office Space
  • 5 Storey Building
  • Designed by Neils Torp Architects, Sweden; locally assisted by WDR RT Taggart
  • Building Work for the Pro- ject originally commenced by Patton Construction, completed by H&J Martin
  • 3 1/2 Floors available for future tenants

Systems Overview:

BPS were appointed to undertake a range of specialist electronic protection systems for this project which included Fire Alarm, Disabled Refuge Alarm, CCTV, Access Control, & Intruder Alarm Systems.

Building Protection Systems provided services not only for the FitOut of the High Specification Office Spaces, but also to Core Landlord Areas thus allowing the future Fit-Out of the remaining Floors for future Tenant(s).

The Main Contractor, H&J Martin employed Antrim Electrical & Mechanical to undertake the M&E Services. AEM in turn appointed BPS to assist Delap & Waller (the M&E Consulting Engineers) with the design aspects required of complying with a detailed ‘High Specification’ Office Fit-Out.

The Fire Detection & Alarm System was a networked multi-panel arrangement, complying with BS5839-1 Type ‘L1’, to ensure that Cause & Effect Scenarios could be programmed to facilitate both Landlords Areas and the lettable tenant spaces (including Pinsent Masons) would evacuate the building to a pre-determined Building Evacuation Plan.

The solution for Disabled Refuge Alarms was to provide an integrated system covering both Landlords & Tenants elements, reporting to a Central Control Location.

The Intruder/Panic Alarm was installed as a Grade 3 system using anti-mask detectors and Grade 3 signalling.

Access Control has been installed that provides security for sensitive and staff areas. Security to Landlord Areas for all building users (present & future), with specific door control for Pinsent Masons Staff was installed. Each Building User carries a common card with unique identification recorded in the system database. Times and ability to access can be determined for each door protected, with the ability to produce reports of user activity and a live review of staff members in the building. The system is fully expandable to allow Time & Attendance facilities & Anti Passback measures to be employed.

Two CCTV system requirements were (A) to provide the Landlord an Analogue System covering Entrances & Pinsent Masons with a high quality 720p & 1080p images from cameras internal to entrance lobby areas of the building. Both aspects i.e. Analogue & TCP/IP were achieved using a single manufacturer.

One of the challenges in this project was to ‘design in’ solutions that would allow a broad diversity of differing future tenants requirements. We believe we have embraced this challenge successfully.

Specialist Product Manufacturers Used