Ulster Hospital

Comprehensive security for patient care
The following text is from a case study prepared by Honeywell on one particualar Ulster Hospital Project, the images are a sample of the projects understaken by BPS on the site

Main Building Features

  • Orbiter Domes
  • HD4 Vandal Resistant Domes
  • Maxpro Matrix
  • Honeywell Intruder Detectors - IntelliSense DT7550
“We selected Honeywell’s video recording and monitoring solutions due to our familiarity with the extensive and versatile product range on offer, and having installed Honeywell equipment for a number of years we were confident that the proposed solution would match the performance specification of this particular project,”

Clive Kinnear
Security Sales Manager, BPS.

The Client:

Built in 1962 and located in East Belfast, the Ulster Hospital, with a staff of around 3,500, provides acute services to a population of over 260,000. In 2001, the Accident and Emergency (A&E) services, that had originally planned to care for 25,000 patients a year, was dealing with over 70,000. The hospital, also a designated Cancer Unit, was in need of more outpatient facilities, including Imaging Services. The maternity and theatre blocks required a thorough update to bring them up to 21st century care standards. All these factors created a requirement for a major redevelopment plan which was to span over seven years, with a budget of £98 million.

The Situation:

Prior to 2001 when the plans for the hospital redevelopment were announced, the hospital was operating a minimal security system from a temporary room within the hospital building. It consisted of CCTV coverage limited to some areas of the main building and to the main front car parks. The security installations from various manufacturers were reaching the end of their life expectancy.

The new hospital would have some of its infrastructure refurbished, whilst a range of new facilities would be built including a Maternity Unit, a Renal Unit, a terraced car park, a specialist Security Control Centre and a Critical Care Centre as part of the first phase

From the start, the Trust management team was determined that the new facilities would meet the latest safety and security standards to protect staff, patients, visitors and assets.

To find the security solution that would suit their needs, the Trust undertook a tender process lasting two and a half years to select a preferred supplier, not only for the first part of the project, but for the redevelopment as a whole.

The Solution:

The Trust chose the Fire & Security integrator Building Protection Systems Northern Ireland Ltd. (BPS) to carry out the project. A significant factor in the choice of security integrator was BPS’s comprehensive experience in the new build sector, its strong design capabilities, and involvement from the outset. BPS has been able to assist in the design of the overall security solution as well as the installation of the system. Ricky Barker, Hotel Services Manager, responsible for security issues management, and the implementation of security systems at the Ulster Hospital comments, “The Trust sought a preferred supplier of security systems that would facilitate the standardization of security equipment and provide integrated security solutions. BPS recommended Honeywell. “ The first major phase in the redevelopment included the creation of a new Renal Unit, a new Maternity Unit, and a new multi- storey car park for the use of both staff and visitors. It has been critical to give hospital staff and visitors full confidence to use the new facility by demonstrating the high level of investment in security to ensure their safety. In total, 52 cameras, a mixture of Honeywell fully functional domes and vandal resistant fixed domes with day/night capabilities have been installed in and around the new car park, including in the car park lifts. The Trust also required that it’s old and new CCTV systems be fully integrated. It was critical that the new system could accommodate a doubling of installed cameras at completion of the modernization project. This has been achieved through the installation of a Honeywell Maxpro matrix which currently controls over 160 cameras, increasing to 320 in the future. The final building under construction as part of the first phase is the Critical Care Centre where an additional 31 cameras are due to be added. A key requirement of the Trust was round the clock monitoring of the hospital premises to guarantee a 24/7 protection of staff, patients and visitors, and the smooth operation of the car park and other essential infrastructure. This has been achieved through a brand new and state of the art Security Control Centre, opened in February 2007. The Honeywell Digital Video Recording system ensures all evidential video information is suitably stored and is easily retrievable in the event of a security breach or a health and safety incident. Calvin Adams, director of BPS said, “After a detailed evaluation of a number of manufacturers, we chose Honeywell because of the strength of their video solutions. On such a long project, we were looking for a manufacturer who would be flexible as the project requirements developed, would ensure new products were backwards compatible so that investments weren’t wasted, and whose systems could grow and develop with the site’s needs. We were looking for a manufacturer who could really provide a future proof solution for our designs. Honeywell have done just that.”


Using a solution from Honeywell, the Ulster Hospital now has a state of the art security system ensuring the safety and security of staff, patients and visitors. Security in the car park, an important element of the project, has been significantly improved thanks to the deterrent effect of the CCTV system against theft and assaults. Using Honeywell HRXD Digital Video Recorders (DVRs), the Trust can retrieve evidence easily, a capability that is regularly exploited by the police in the course of their investigations into crime. Ricky Barker comments, “Our new security system enables us to monitor aggressive behaviours in areas such as A&E, and to take pre-emptive action. Honeywell equipment is easy to use and of evidential quality, which we required to meet Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO) standards relating to recognition and identification of CCTV images.”

Honeywell equipment is easy to use and of evidential quality, which we required to meet Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO) standards relating to recognition and identification of CCTV images.” Ricky Barker, Hotel Services Manager Ulster hospital

The Partner of Choice:

BPS was founded in 1981 and has been a systems provider to the Ulster Hospital and Community Trust for Fire Systems for 17 years. It is now a supplier of services in design, installation and maintenance of systems including Fire Alarms, Intruder Alarms, CCTV, and Access Control & Baby Tagging Systems, connected to an integrated Alarm Management Supervision System.

Specialist Product Manufacturers Used